Şamil Education and Cultural Foundation

“Freedom on Canvas” Awarded Painting Competition

Technical Specification

ŞAMİL EDUCATION AND CULTURE FOUNDATION invites all artists to the AWARDED PAINTING COMPETITION, organized under the theme of FREEDOM IN CANVAS, under the sponsorship of CİTYSAN.


SUBJECT: The Subject of the competition is determined as FREEDOM IN CANVAS


  1. The competition is international and people aged 18 and over can participate in the competition.
  2. Şamil Education and Culture Foundation members can also participate in the competition. However, the financial awards they have won will be recorded as income to ŞAMİL EDUCATION AND CULTURE FOUNDATION and will not be given to the owner of the work.
  3. Digital copies and the works that has been performed on the base of Digital Copies will not be accepted.
  4. Competitors must produce their designs from original works. When the cited works are identified, they will not be evaluated and the responsibility of the cited work belongs to the contestant.
  5. The artworks must not have been awarded in any other competition before.
  6. An Artist can participate in the competition with maximum 2 works.


First Prize 20.000 TL+Plaque

Second Prize 20.000 TL+Plaque

Third Prize 20.000 TL+Plaque

*Awarded and exhibited works can be included in the digital and / or print catalog to be prepared by the Şamil Education and Culture Foundation.

*All participants will be given a Certificate of Participation for their participation in the competition.

If the works that are either eligible for the award or not eligible for award but selected for the exhibition are sold, the sales price will be shared in a way that 30% will be owned by the Şamil Education and Culture Foundation and 70% will be the owner of the work.

All kinds of taxes, invoices, payments, etc. and legal obligations arising from the relevant sale will be shared between Şamil Education and Culture Foundation and the owner of the work at the rate above.

***Sales prices of the work will be suggested by the owner of the work immediately after the announcement of the competition results, taking into account of the competition award and will be finalized with the approval of the Şamil Education and Culture Foundation at the latest 10 days before the exhibition date.

***If the owner of the work does not determine any price for the work, the relevant price will be determined by the Şamil Education and Culture Foundation.

***The Contract for the Award-Winning Painting Competition with the subject of  Freedom on Canvas (hereinafter referred to as the “Contract”) will be signed between Şamil Education and Culture Foundation and the Artist of the work and at the clauses determined according to the above explanations.

Members of the  Competition Committee:

  1. ERGİN İNAN/ Academician, Painter
  2. KAMURAN TUÇ / Painter
  3. FARUK CİMOK/ Academician, Painter
  4. DAĞHAN ÖZİL/ Art Gallery Owner
  5. MEMDUH KUZAY/ Painter
  6. AHMET ÖZEL/ Painter
  7. FARUK KUTLU/ Painter
  8. CEMİL ERGÜN/ Academician, Painter
  10. ÜMİT GEZGİN/ Academician, Painter
  11. CENGİZ GÜL/ Chairman of Board of Şamil Education and cultural Foundation




DIMENSION: The short side of the artwork size should not be smaller than 50 cm and the long side should not be bigger than 150cm.


TECHNIC: The technic for the Works participating to the competition either can be oil paint or acrylic painted artworks. The artworks may be coloured or balck and White.


The artworks shall be submitted digitally first the digital format of the artwork shall be JPEG and the size of the file shall be 1 MB at least and 5 MB at most.

By the submission of the artwork, the Artist shall submit his/her Profile that shall consist the text (the profile text shall be a paragraph with 100 words, not chronological list), personal photo, contact information (mobile/land phone, mail address, postal address).

After the first stage evaluation of the digital artworks, the Artists of the artworks has been qualified will be announced. With this announce, the Artists shall submit the original artworks without frame and passe-partout protected with two pieces of shock absorber cartoon on both sides of the piece, either personally or by cargo.

The name of the Artist and the contact information shall be places at the backside of the artwork.



The digital format of the artwork shall be uploaded to the following link at the latest date of 16 April 2021 Friday by 17.00 p.m.


The original copies of the artworks shall be submitted personally or by Cargo at the latest date of 30 April 2021 Friday by 17.00 p.m. to the adress below

*The delays may occur by the Cargo company are the responsibility of the competitor


Osmanağa, Bahariye Cad.

Yeğiner Sitesi A Blok No:37 D:70, 34710

Kadıköy/ İstanbul


After the digital submission, the pre-selection will be held on Monday, April 19, 2021, and the original requested artworks will be evaluated with the jury members who will meet on Friday, May 14, 2021.

If the competition jury deems necessary, they can change the competition calendar or cancel the competition. If the competiton is canceled, participants can take their artworks back.


The results of the jury evaluation are on Monday, May 17, 2021; Information about the delivery date, award ceremony, exhibition date and location of the works will be announced via e-mails and social media to be sent to the artists at a later date.


All Artists participating to the competition will be deemed to have accepted the provisions of this specification as well as the Contract Conditions to which the specification is attached.

The Foundation organizing the competition and sponsor of the competition have the right to use the photographs of all the submitted works in all kinds of promotional materials, without paying any copyright.


The return of the artworks that are not awarded or eligible to be selected for the exhibition and the works that cannot be sold at the exhibition will be delivered within the first 10 days after the Exhibition End date from the same address as the delivery address, and the return of the works will be made only to the owners of the artworks.

If the artist requests the delivery by cargo, the shipment will be carried out by the Şamil Education and Culture Foundation, but all damages and shipping costs will be borne by the artist.

Delivery of the works sold during the exhibition to the Buyer will be carried out by the Şamil Education and Culture Foundation.