Painter Faruk Cimok is of Caucasian origin such as Hüseyin Avni Lifij and Şevket Dağ and was born in 1956 in Hatay-Reyhanlı. 1979 He graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts Painting Department. He opened his first personal exhibition in the same year. Since then, he has met art lovers with 23 personal exhibitions. He still continues his studies at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and his private studio.

With these recent works, Faruk Cimok transforms sections from daily life into an image of universal art, bringing together the most beautiful examples of his period with his multi-figured, multi-dimensional works.

For the artist, painting this city also means witnessing the moment, place and age in which he lived and leaving images that will be remembered for years to come.

He includes natural perceptions and real images as much as possible in her compositions. This visual reality, which is perceived and revealed objectively, leaves its place to a poetic expression in Cimok’s paintings.

Technical sensitivity, universal criteria and rules prevail in Cimok’s works. The artist, who developed a special technique using “material-based” methods, combined impressionist color and light understanding with a classical drawing mastery.


Since the beginning of his art life, he has been depicting scenes from daily life faithfully to the figurative understanding. People who come together and chat in the compositions of the neighborhood, walk along the roads, the gardens of known historical places and the pigeons in the courtyards of the mosques are the main elements in his paintings. According to the periods we live in, we can follow the stages we have gone through in our daily life with all its reality in his paintings. The story in his paintings draws the strength of his power from here.

He is one of the rare artists that captures the spirit of modern life. He likes to paint crowds, to watch his pictures in crowds. That is why it has a special place in the art world, unshakable, solid and privileged.